The following are external training and education resources not affiliated with Galperin Autism Consulting, however, we do highly recommend them. 


We do not receive any funding from these resources.

Is ABA Passe?

A 17-minute video on the origins and modernization of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

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Autism Internet Modules

Designed for those who support, instruct, work with, or live with someone with autism, the Autism Internet Modules (AIM) guide users through case studies, instructional videos, pre- and post-assessments, discussion questions, activities, and more.

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Before 18

If you are a teen with a disability or someone close to a teen with a disability, this site can help you explore and prepare for the future.

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Autism Focused Intervention Resources and Modules

AFIRM Modules are designed to help you learn the step-by-step process of planning for, using, and monitoring an Evidenced Based Practice (EBP) with learners with ASD from birth to 22 years of age

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College Autism Spectrum

A list of post-secondary institutions with programs designed for students on the Autism Spectrum.  Searchable by State.

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Autism Society of America

The Autism Society of America has been improving the lives of all affected by autism for over 50 years and envisions a world where individuals and families living with autism are able to maximize their quality of life, are treated with the highest level of dignity, and live in a society in which their talents and skills are appreciated and valued.

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Galperin Autism Consulting is partnering with:

Vitalxchange is a private online community of people facing or caring for someone with a health issue or disability. Their members connect with other members through their mobile app that helps them find matched information and support for their specific needs.

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