Why Choose

Galperin Autism Consulting?

We understand how Autism and Mental Health impact each other, and have experience improving Mental Health, and treating Mental Illness in the Autism population.   

We're knowledgeable and experienced.  Owner and lead consultant, Tom Galperin, has a quarter century of experience working in the Autism and Developmental Disability field.  He has worked with persons on the Spectrum from toddlers to retirement, from Moderate Intellectual Disability to Genius-level IQ, and in settings from Developmental Centers to Supported Employment.  Mr. Galperin has worked with professionals in the field from across the United States and from around the globe, including Europe, Asia, and South America.  He is a Licensed Independent Social Worker with a Supervision designation (LISW-S) in the State of Ohio and is a TEACCH Certified Practitioner.  For a detailed list of Mr. Galperin's professional experience, click here.

We love persons on the Autism Spectrum and value them for who they are.  Our goal is to help them becomes as independent, happy, and healthy as possible.  We see Autism and its strengths as something to be cherished, not something to be "fixed."  We also love supporting the people who guide persons with Autism and want them to feel as though they are supported as well.

We're person-centered.  Rather than taking a singular approach, Galperin Autism Consulting pulls from many different methods and philosophies, including TEACCH, ABA, Autism-informed Care, Trauma-informed Care, Visual and Organizational Strategies, and many others.  Galperin Autism Consulting then implements a plan tailored for each unique person or situation.

We're virtual.  Regardless of your location, you can now access high-quality support from an experienced, knowledgeable, and understanding professional using our virtual consultation and coaching platform, which is confidential and meets HIPAA-compliant standards.

For more information, see our Vision Statement here.